Senior Management Programme in Local Government Administration

There are five broad categories of functions performed by local governments namely, governance at the local level functions; development functions; service provision functions; forward planning functions; and financial mobilization functions.  These functions impose some obligations on local government staff, particularly those who occupy senior management positions. They are required to provide quality leadership that will ensure effective performance.

The programme is designed to provide participants with innovative strategies to address local governance challenges. It is to build the capacity of participants in functional areas to be consistent, coherent and relevant to organisational goals and objectives. The programme emphasises a blend of theory and practice, innovation, decision making tools, research and presentation skills, etc that are critical to effective functioning of the MMDAs.


1.1.1        Rationale

MMDAs (in Local Government Act 462 of 1993) are given the mandate to provide important services in their areas of jurisdiction. The delivery of local services must be done in concert and harmony with the aspiration of stakeholders. The ability of MMDAs to fulfill this mandate depends largely on the quality of leadership. It is essentially the role of officers in senior management position to give directions in the conduct of these activities so that organizational objectives are met. They should therefore clearly understand their roles and adopt innovative and functional strategies.

1.1.2        Learning Outcomes

By the end of this Course, Participants should be able to:

  1. Acquire creative management skills to solve organizational problems
  2. Understand performance management systems in the local government sector
  3. Use modern organizational management tools for improved performance
  4. Manage local government organizational culture and the interface between the assembly and the other stakeholders
  5. Apply innovative strategies for resource mobilization and management