Certificate in Local Government Administration

The Certificate Programme is an educational opportunity for local government administrators and managers to enhance their skills and to enable them to acquire requisite professional designation.  The Programme is tailored to address the unique challenges of MMDAs in Ghana and responds to the professional requirements of the Local Government Service staff. It emphasises the blend of theory and practice leading to skills enhancement through experience sharing, seminar and project work. It is targeted at staff who have worked for 4 years and are progressing towards mid-career positions.

The programme is structured as follows;

  • Four (4) weeks of interactive training sessions and
  • Four (2) weeks of project work relevant to the participants’ professional area.


1.1.1        Rationale

Staff of the Local Government Service are increasingly faced with challenges including, requirements to meet organizational standards, operational efficiency, and service delivery responsibilities. The Certificate Programme provides opportunities for participants to increase their knowledge of the political and organisational dynamics of local government in Ghana, as well as simple tools for effective change management.

The specific objectives of the Certificate Programme include:

  • Increase participants’ understanding of the structure and processes of local government institutions
  • Promote high ethical standards in local government service delivery
  • Develop new skills that can be applied for improved job performance
  • Create platform for learning and building networks for professional support

1.1.2        Learning Outcomes

By the end of the Programme, participants should be able to:

  1. Apply the concepts and theoretical underpinnings of decentralization and  local government
  2. Acquaint themselves with the organizational and ethical standards of the local government sector
  3. Exhibit independent and critical thought relative to effective job performance
  4. Demonstrate  use of evidence based approaches to address organizational and local level problems

1.1.3        Duration


Six (6) Weeks (4 weeks of interactive sessions and 2 weeks of individual project work).